Inevitably death

The smarter the person the more they analyze. There is a direct correlation between genius and insanity; especially anxiety.

Well I feel suicidal, not so much that I’ll likely kill myself, but in a way that makes me feel like a fucking genius.

This world is shit. We ignore everything that is wrong with distractions. Forget the children dying of malaria, I have cable.

How can anyone live knowing all that is wrong. It baffles my mind and breaks my heart. Some days my ability to do nothing kills me inside.

Fuck cable, vacations, vegans, celebrities, and every other asshole who ignores the problem.

I’m literally in tears over the pathetic state of this planet.

Fuck everyone.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


7 thoughts on “Inevitably death

  1. You can’t save the world, but you can pick one thing and do something to help.

    You can’t change everyone’s circumstances, but you can be kind and brighten someone’s day.

    It seems like such a small thing to be involved, but kindness multiplies. It’s a start. Yes?

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      1. I know that feeling. Sometimes all I can do is ride it out, let it pass. Then I pick myself back up and take another step. The first one is always the hardest.

        Hang in there, Harrison.

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  2. Do one good thing. Just one small, but good, thing. You can’t fix all the things- but you can certainly make ONE person’s day a bit better. And you truly have no idea the tremendous impact a touch of kindness can really make.

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  3. I’ve been depressed even to the point of suicidal in the past, so I can truly understand. When you are depressed the world is a depressing place also. It’s only the bad stuff that makes the news…and really when you’re feeling like you are, you don’t really want to hear good news anyway. At least when I was really down, it bothered me to see people happy.. it only emphasized how bad I was feeling. Please know that if you are getting help and it’s not helping, find someone else… or ask for new meds. I went so long with both issues without asking for a change…. “Ask”!!! Diane

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