New job; constant anxiety

Started a new job, it requires me to be outgoing and upbeat. All my new coworkers think I’m perfect for it. What they don’t see is me having freaking out while no one is looking. How I’ve managed to fool them is beyond me, but I’ll keep trying.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


5 thoughts on “New job; constant anxiety

  1. I understand your anxiety. I am bipolar too and working was always anxiety-ridden for me. Congrats on the new job. I hope you do well!

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  2. I often wonder when I land a new job if I can keep up that facade of being happy and upbeat all day long. LOL That gives me anxiety. My husband says whenever I start something new like a job, I go through a period of anxiety in different stages that lasts for three weeks into it until I get used to it. Perhaps you might be going through the same thing?


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