An accidentally perfect day


The other day I had a job interview and a few errands to run, but I needed to kill a lot of time. So I decided to take the bus, turned into quite a pleasant day with some humours coincidences.

Since I don’t own a printer, because I never print anything, I started off at Kinko’s to get a copy of my resume. As I was about to leave I decided to print a few extra copies so I wouldn’t have to come back.

Next I headed to the middle of beautiful downtown where they put a large ugly courthouse. Quickly paid my fine and was now ready for my interview.

It was only at this point that I realized I had over three hours before it started. So I decided to go on a daytime adventure.

Downtown truly is beautiful so I went around taking pictures (pictured above) and enjoying the sights that I often take for granted.
During this ‘photoshoot’ I found myself in Chicago Music. I’ve always loved this store for the vintage musical equipment. I’ve always dreamed of working there, even applied a few times in the past, but no luck.

Decided to go in and see what drum kits they had in, FYI I play drums. While talking to one of the employees I decided on a whim to ask if they were hiring.

Apparently six employees had just left for various reasons. He asked if I had a resume. I laughed a little since I ended up printing ten that morning. He took it and walked away.

A minute later the manager comes back and asks if I know anything about instruments. I explained my background a little, then he points to a young lady working there and says, “She’ll be giving you an interview now.” I hadn’t been expecting an interview.

Afterwards she told me I was a good fit and I should hear from them soon, which I hope is true.

Then I decided to ride the new-ish streetcar, since I’d never been on it. It takes 35 minutes from end to end, something I can honestly say I never wanted to know. It was a very pleasant ride though.

Finally got to my interview, it was boring, but went well. They offered me the job today.

While it may not sound exciting it brought me out of a long running depression, and it was one of the best days I’ve had so far this year.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


3 thoughts on “An accidentally perfect day

  1. Awesome! I am too searching and interviewing for a job that I am hoping to bring me out of my depression that has lasted since October. It has certainly gotten better since the weather has turned to spring though. I hope your job keeps you busy as well as having a daily agenda.


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