My bug out bag

Anyone who has served in the military or Peace Corps knows what a bug-out bag is. If you don’t, it is a ready packed bag generally containing enough supplies to last 72 hours. Obviously the supplies vary depending on needs.

Being bipolar with anxiety and PTSD I have a sort of bug-out bag of my own. Upon realizing what it is everyone asks the same question, “Why?” Or occasionally, “What the fuck?”

The answer’s a bit complicated.  For one, I was a military brat until my dad left when I was seven. Of course a few years around the military is clearly not the only cause. It did however give me a great respect for the military, just not my father.

The second reason, and more important reason,  is that I don’t handle commitment or confrontation well. Not just romantic relationships, but friendships, family, coworkers, and general acquaintances.

So I keep the bag packed by my door just waiting to go. I keep a few outfits, money, passport, hunting knife, extra month of meds, and miscellaneous electronic gadgets.

No, it wouldn’t help much in the desert, tropics, or a war zone. It is however perfect for getting away when I have a manic or depressive episode that just requires an escape.

In case you’re wondering, and have actually read this far, I have used it on more that one occasion. In my experience, grabbing my bag and walking out without confrontation tends to turn out better than trying to deal with people during a severe mood swing.

It might not be the “manliest” reaction, but compared to the verbal and physical violence (never towards women or children) that I displayed in my younger days, I believe it’s an improvement. To me, maturity means picking your battles when you can.

But that’s just my opinion.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


7 thoughts on “My bug out bag

  1. Whatever way works for you is the way you should choose. If running away is the best option than so be it. It sounds selfish, but sometimes you have to be, for the sake of your sanity, and I don’t see why anyone should judge you for it.Maybe I sound selfish saying that…..

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  2. When I was 16 and dramatic I took a 2-day bus ride to another province and shared a room with an acquaintance for a month. In that time I got a job at a salon where all I did was wax people’s legs all day. Obviously I got sick of that and moved back in with my family, but as boring and meaningless as this escape might have sounded, I learned things about myself I wouldn’t have otherwise learned. I even got into my very first relationship which lasted a whopping 2 weeks!

    Point being, It shouldn’t be classified as “unmanly” or “selfish” to explore the wonders and possibilities of where life could take you and what it could teach you. Bug out bag, on!

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