One man pharmacy

I’m diagnosed bipolar, PTSD, general anxiety, and social anxiety. The obvious medical solution is to drug me. I see a psychiatrist, therapist, peer support specialist, a case manager, and of course a primary care doctor.

I’m starting to think I’m sane, but they’re making me crazy, joking of course. But it’s a lot to manage. There is a certain amusement in sending someone with social phobia to meet all of these “professionals.”

My medicine cabinet is beginning to look like a pharmacy. I’m afraid people will look inside and run.

Add the doctor that just did my hernia surgery and the urologist that may be doing my vasectomy, I have the resources to open my own pharmacy and hospital.

The funniest part is that my moods still aren’t stable and I’m still depressed. All I can do is keep fighting.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


7 thoughts on “One man pharmacy

  1. It is amusing sending you to all these professionals alongside your social phobia 🙂 thanks for reading my post. I’m following you for more. I like how you write and your humour through all your trouble. Keep fighting. 🙂

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  2. Sometimes the ‘professionals’ dont always know best, they weigh up treating the patient with financially viable options and many other targets that dont have your best interests at heart 😦 thanks for sharing this… I wish you a full recovery

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  3. Wow…what a load you carry! I went thru a deep depression in my early twenties just after meeting Christ. I could barely navigate the stairs to my cube at work. The only thing I think kept me going was the phrase “I will never leave you nor foresake you” constantly running through my thoughts. Looking back I know I was not alone in my emotional abyss…and it was a necessary experience for my healing.


  4. I feel you. Between being physically unwell occasionally and trying every psych drug under the sun, I run a one-woman pharmacy here. Kia kaha – and send anything you’re not using back to the pharmacy for disposal!

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