Overrated masculinity

I grew up in a family that compares beard length and plays football on thanksgiving. Needless to say, being masculine was a priority growing up. While I still take pride in my beard length, a lot has changed.

First thing, my family is not full of misogynistic men. I’m a strong believer in equal rights for all, because the realization that people deserve respect regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation should be common sense. Also, those same thanksgivings were spent debating medical applications of the teleporter from Star Trek. So a bunch of testosterone filled nerds.

Despite being open minded and intelligent I was still raised on outdated beliefs; men don’t cry, men should always pay, always work, never show fear, and so on. Some I’ve outgrown, some I haven’t. I believe stay at home dad is a respectable title. I believe in offering to pay, but am comfortable being treated, or splitting the bill.

Things I haven’t outgrown. I rarely cry, never in front of people. I hide my fear, even if I’m terrified. And something’s I’ll never outgrow, like my protective instincts of women and children.

The reason for the story is that it leads me to a humorous realization. When asked about my favorite movies I lie. I usually say action or comedy, both genres I love, but truth be told there is nothing I love more than a good romantic comedy.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


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