Fading tattoo; perfect metaphor

On my arm is a tattoo of a fading pair of lips wrapped in the words “eternus amor” eternal love. The tattoo is around 8 years old. They are the lips of my ex girlfriend. I didn’t choose her lips because I believed she was my eternal love, I just loved the idea of eternal love, and her lips were both convenient and sexy.

We have dated off an on for about 8 years. We were together as recently as November, but she moved 850 miles away to be with her sister after her mother passed. I fully supported her decision, but it broke my heart to let her go. The only problem, I didn’t let her go.

I’ve recently realized I was still holding out for our happy ending. But this isn’t a Disney movie and she’s not coming back, so now I must try to move on. It is made harder by our continued friendship.

So the metaphor. The tattoo fades, yet it will always remain. In the same way I will always love her, but I must let that love fade into a ghost of its former self.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


3 thoughts on “Fading tattoo; perfect metaphor

  1. Oh Harrison! I’m going through the same thing. For now I will hold on to my love for the other person, even if we no longer are together (and maybe never will be). I’m certain the romantic idea and hopes will fade with my love some time in the future. But I’m not going to push the change, because feeling love keeps me strong these days.

    I like the way you describe it. Our love will become ghosts, that are going to stay with us and that have enriched our path. (And yes, I know, I’m corny-melancholic much). 🙂 ❤

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