Adventures in mania


While reckless and stupid, some of my most entertaining adventures of my life have taken place during manic episodes. One example: when I was sixteen I decided I wanted a Corona on a beach, but the closest beach was Rocky Point, Mexico. Which was five hours away.

So I call three friends, because even while manic I don’t drink and drive, and we headed straight to Mexico. We had the cash in our pockets, and that’s about it. No map, no ability to speak Spanish.

The short version is that we got lost in Mexico, far from the beach, finally found a beach, but we failed to see the cop sitting at it. He immediately began to speak loudly in Spanish, which we hadn’t learned in the 10 hours we were lost down there. After some terrifyingly humorous attempts at not getting arrested he finally let us leave.

We arrived at the US border, the friend in the back and I were both underage and drunk. And the icing on the cake is that the border was closed for another hour and half. Eventually we made it home. The story made me laugh then and still does. I have plenty more stories, maybe another time.

FYI this picture was taken while we were very lost.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


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