Love & longing

As I sit alone in the dark I cant help thinking of her. The way she looked as she first awoke, the glow of her skin after a shower, the smile on her face when she caught me starring at her. She was special to me, she was pefect in my eyes. All the flaws she saw in herself were the things I loved most. She couldnt see her beauty. She wasnt just physically attractive, she had an allure that emanated from her soul.

Even with her worlds away I cant get her out of my mind. When I catch the scent of her hair in the wind Im taken away to a better time. I time when I could hold her in my arms, kiss her lips, and feel her heartbeat as I layed against her chest.

I still see her every night. I dream of us waking up together late on Sunday mornings. We smile at one another as we enjoy our morning coffee. Happily married in our loving home. Im happier asleep because I still have her.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


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