The unbeatable battle

Everyone says depression is a battle. “You have to keep fighting.” As I get older I can’t help asking why, and no one seems to have an answer.

The reality is I can’t win this fight. Statistically speaking I’ll probably die from suicide in my late 20s or early 30s.

For the sake of argument let’s say I don’t commit suicide one day. Most people with depression lead unhappy lives, causing poor health, and generally have issues maintaining relationships.

So my best case scenario is I die in my late 40s, unhappy, alone, and probably sick (or in chronic pain).

Seems like even if I win, I lose.

Remember to smile,
Hipster Harrison


2 thoughts on “The unbeatable battle

  1. True enough. Fighting through depression gives you no guarantee of a lovely, happy future. In many cases, it’s just a surly doggedness that keeps people going. I wish you hope and meaning in life, so the battle seems possibly worth it.

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